St. Francis

Aka "Kromme"

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Nestled about 120km from Port Elizabeth is a small fishing village know as St. Francis Bay, which in recent time has grow substantially in popularity with its unique architectural style. It was made famous by a surfing film maker in the 1960's who was looking for the perfect wave. The movie "Endless Summer" was coined and "Bruces Beauties" were named after him which grew the area into a surfing mecca and holiday town.

Not only is it blessed by good looking waves, but it also has the Krom river which offers some of the finest flat water conditions in the area. The river mouth is enjoyed by many activities including boating, jet-skiing, windsurfing and kitesurfing which all play to the tune of the tide.

The best conditions are experience during summer east wind days and on high tide. The area works of thermal activity which means that when its cloudy the wind doesn't get as strong.


In Summer the wind is normally stronger than Jeffrey's Bay on the east, which usually picks up round 10am and blows right into the night. 16-25 knots can be expected on light wind days and up to 40 knots on the windy days.


It unfortunately doesn't work so well on the west wind direction as the gusts coming over land and down the river blowing off shore become to intense to handle for the average rider.


On the west wind direction one can travel about 15km to Cape St. Francis which offers some great wave riding spots for advanced riders. Best enjoyed on a south west direction as the due west will also be very gusty. Cape St. Francis can also be enjoyed on an onshore easterly wind direction.

Swing Kiteboarding - Deon at CSF 1
Swing Kiteboarding - SBF 3
Swing Kiteboarding - SBF 2
Swing Kiteboarding - SBF 1
Swing Kiteboarding - Deon at CSF 2