Sardinia Bay 01

Sardinia Bay

Aka "Sards"

Swing Kiteboarding - Sardinia Bay

It’s a local favourite and an absolutely beautiful piece of coastline that leaves you breathless and always wanting more. Sards is located in a nature reserve on the wild side of Port Elizabeth and can deliver all sorts of amazing conditions for experienced kite surfers. Ride in pristine natural surroundings with local dolphins, rays and the occasional whale.

It mainly consists of two bays with the one protected by a reef rock formation that runs parallel to the coastline, this provides an inner zone (aka the “pond”) protected by the main swell and the other we call “dangers”.  As the name implies ... it can get dangerous, but mainly enjoyed by wave riders looking for that perfect cross off shore right hand wave. The ‘washing machine” is where the two bays meet and waves come at you from both sides which can get quite challenging. Further up to the west of the pond lies ‘doughnuts’, a left hand break, which can handle some decent size swell.

Sardinia Bay is best enjoyed during low tide, which makes the water surface far smoother and less choppy. It also works better during winter west winds when the air temperature is colder. During summer the westerly winds are much weaker than normally predicted. It can also work on a south east wind, but becomes too gusty on a direct east wind direction.

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