Swing Kiteboarding - Lesson 1
Swing Kiteboarding - Lesson 2
Kite School
"Est. 2010"
We provide fun, safe and easy lessons...
We are advanced riders with more than 20 years of experience. 
Safety is our highest priority! 

Kite lesson 101 


R1000 pp 2hours

Theory and practical lesson flying a 4 line kite on the beach. Safety, launching, landing, sand skiing. Building your confidence and flying skills.

Kite lesson 201 


R1000 pp 2hours

Practical lesson flying a 4 line kite on the beach.
Improving your kite skills.
Sand skiing, small jumps and body dragging in water. 

Kite lesson 301 


R1000 pp 2hours

Practical lesson flying a 4 line kite in the water.
Safety, launching, landing, body dragging, board stance, water starts, upwind tacking.

Kite lesson 401 


R1000 pp 2hours

This is a follow up or an advanced customized lesson to your own requirements. Anything from upwind tacking to wave clinics.
Port Elizabeth has wind all year round with an abundance of amazing spots to choose from.
You can experience a variety of different  wind conditions which are dependent on KITE SPOTS.
On average we have 2-3 days of wind in one week.
Water temperature ranges between  16 to 22 degrees Celsius.
Please sign up as early as possible.
Bring water, sun screen, hat, sunglasses, and a wetsuit.
10 - 25 knots, 18 - 45 km/h. East or West Wind.
Kite lesson 101 needed for 201 and 301; or experience with power kites. Once a beginner can prove to complete kite lesson 201 (Launching, landing, upwind walking, kite control, kite safety and sand skiing), they can progress onto kite lesson 301.
Please contact us if you need any more info :)





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