Kitesurfing in Port Elizabeth

The "Windy City"

About PE

Port Elizabeth is truly an amazing place for Kitesurfing all year round. The area offers both east and west wind opportunities for all levels of Kiteboarding. Blue crystal clear water throughout the four seasons and an endless amount of spots to choose from makes it a dream kiting destination.


We experience a wide range of conditions which generally makes every kiteboarding session different and exciting. Our wind usually increases in strength during daytime and you could be flying several different kite sizes depending on the time. It can get very strong especially in winter when the air is more dense due to colder temperatures.


The most common wind strengths are between 16-25 knots (weak) or 25-45 knots (strong). 


East wind is generally weaker, warmer and predominantly in summer, while our west wind can be stronger, colder and a bit more stable. Weather patterns move further south during summer with more South-Easterly and South-Westerly winds. In winter they move more north and deliver mostly West and sometimes a North-East wind.​​


The best and most frequent winds are between November and February. During spring and autumn we experience unpredictable conditions and in winter it can get very stormy. Sunshine generally strengthens our wind, while cloud cover and rain can weaken it.


A 9m and a 7m kite should cover most conditions, but it's obviously dependent on your weight.

Riders over 90kg should consider a 12m or bigger for the light wind days.

Swing Kiteboarding - Lacuna Sigma
Where to go?
West Wind:

  • Sardinia Bay

  • Maitlands Beach

  • Blue Horizon Bay

  • Blue Water Bay

  • Aston Bay & Paradise Beach

  • Cannon Rocks

  • Oyster Bay



Flat water spots:

  • Sundays River Mouth

  • Aston Bay Lagoon

  • Gamtoos River Mouth

East Wind: 

  • Kings Beach

  • Millers (Hobie Beach)

  • Pipe (Pollock Beach)

  • Cape Recife

  • Blue Water Bay

  • Aston Bay & Paradise Beach

  • Cannon Rocks 

Flat water spots:

  • Kablejouws Lagoon (J-Bay)

  • Gamtoos River Mouth

  • Kromme River Mouth (St. Francis Bay)

  • Sundays River Mouth

Keep in mind...


  • Respect yourself and everybody around you.

  • Keep clear of learners and bystanders

  • Traveling with right hand forward has right of way. (Starboard)

  • Traveling with left hand forward has to stay clear. (Port)

  • The rider passing upwind must keep their kite high at 12 o'clock.

  • The rider passing downwind must keep their kite low.

  • Wave riders have priority surfing a wave right or left. (Starboard or Port)

  • Ask riders about other local rules and safety precautions.

  • Roll up lines when kite is not in use.

  • Help others launch or land kites.


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