Kings Beach

Aka "Kite GYM"

Kings Beach is considered the beginner Kite beach in PE for easterly winds. It has a 1.6km stretch of golden sand between the harbour wall and the neighbouring Humewood Beach.


It is the perfect starting beach, with plenty of safe space to practice on land. The easterly onshore wind will bringing you safely back to the beach if things go wrong in the water.


Conditions are usually best when the waves are small with long flat sections in between. It can turn into a workout if the sets are big and the currents pick up pushing you towards sand.


Kitesurfing in the bay with the city as a backdrop is always an adventure, especially with a silhouette of the urban horizon as the sun is setting.

SWNG Kiteboarding 002
steff 1
Swing Kiteboarding - Jump over
Swing Kiteboarding - Pop over
Swing Kiteboarding - Photo shoot
Swing Kiteboarding - Bruce 1