Gamtoos River Mouth

Aka "Gamtoos"

This special place which sits at the end of a fertile valley can only be described as a kite adventure heaven. About 65 km from Port Elizabeth situates this magnificent kitesurfing destination that literally works off any wind you can throw at it. It's not the easiest to predict the actual conditions as there are so many variables but both east and west wind are great all year round. It's the only spot in the area where you can even sometimes kite on a northerly 'berg wind' !!


Wind is usually a bit weaker and can die off earlier than predicted especially on west wind. Best conditions are from 10:00 to 15:00, as after 16:00 the wind can disappear completely. Gusty conditions can be experienced on north west winds. South west and south east are prime conditions.


The play ground is huge! Below is a picture showing you the parking area and launching areas. The river has developed an estuary before the river mouth which you will need to cross to experience less gusty conditions on east and west wind. Only on the northerly wind the estuary has nicer conditions.


The 'black' arrow indicates the longest walk to the river mouth which is about 500m from the road.

The 'yellow' arrow shows a quick crossing. This launch area is only suited for an easterly wind.

If you don't want to walk far then launch safely at the 'red' arrow and kite across the estuary and walk over the dunes. You can kite on an easterly wind direction down the estuary and join the river to the mouth but even better doing this the opposite way on a west wind direction downwind ending as indicated by the 'blue' dotted line.

This place is wild! You can explore many different areas but be careful kitesurfing after heavy rains as the river can flow fast in the mouth.

The ocean can also delivers some pretty big waves even when there isn't any swell anywhere else, but there is always some butter flat water to be found on any conditions.

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